PPC Services

Our deep pay-per-click PPC Services or Management knowledge combined with conversion-focused copy and layout will increase the profitability of paid media campaigns on Google and Bing.

Correct Ads, Correct Bids

It could be called pay per click, but click is not what PPC is all about. Instead, we manage your PPC campaign to show the right ad to the right person at the right price and then turn you into a lead or sales person with a high-performing landing page. 

Google Ads

9 out of 10 Pakistan’s first search for products and services on Google. The problem is, your competitors know it, and Google Ads can get expensive … fast. We help businesses make more money on Google Ads through smart digital advertising and smart conversion rate optimization.

Bing Ads

Bing has around 4% market share in Pakistan. It may not sound like much. Until you consider the fact that relatively few advertisers use Bing Advertising. It is often a very open channel to grow your business. Find out how to get the most out of Bing Ads now with a free suggestion.

Retargeting Services

Have you ever looked at something online and then followed ads everywhere you go? It’s retargeting in the workplace. And it’s a great way to get another bite of the pie if someone did not convert on your site. Learn more about retargeting campaigns with a free suggestion now.

Keywords Research

Keyword lists determine the queries for which your ad will compete for a placement. These ensure your ads are only displayed to your target audience under the right circumstances. Your dedicated content marketing specialist (CMS) can conduct keyword research for your brand to identify the most lucrative opportunities.

Set your bidding strategy

Your bidding strategy, along with your keyword lists, is the biggest determinant of whether your ad will be placed in a SERP, social media feed and other locations. Your dedicated Brafton PPC specialist has experience creating bidding strategies that deliver results. Each PPC expert at Brafton knows how to analyze the progress of your PPC campaigns and make adjustments to get the most value from your ad spend.

Analysis & Reports

Each time your ad is displayed is an opportunity to gather data about how people respond to your advertising messages. Your PPC strategist will review your metrics on an ongoing basis, then deliver monthly reports to you and your team. Based on those reports, your Digital Solved team will suggest strategic adjustments to your PPC strategy.

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Our PPC Services team can manage your campaign no matter what platform you want to advertise on. We put you in front of the people who are most important to your business. We are one of the most reliable PPC services in Pakistan that generates the right traffic for your site or landing pages. We are committed to delivering sustainable and measurable lead growth. 

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